Yoyo Anime

I’d figured since I saw a lot of people with anime stuff on his site, I’ll put up this gem i found. It’s called super yoyo and it’s about a kid, who yoyos, in an anime. XD It’s pretty simple, and as you might think, really dumb. But, I figured I’d share it anyway, because I admit, I watched them all and it was good backround for doing tricks to. XD Anyway, heres episode one, the rest im sure you guys can find on youtube.

I watched it a long time ago. Not exactly the best. Plot, animation, design, etc. are choppy.
But hey, it’s the closest we’ve gotten to a TV show, right? I mean, other than Blazing Teens.

I haven’t heard of blazing teens. But I thought it wasn’t a good anime too but I still figured i’ll put it out there for people if they haven’t heard of it. It’s funny to watch the ‘hyper level’ tricks and it’s like pin wheel or something. XD

Killua’s the champ.

is that pic from season two or something?

I can’t even loop with my wrist…

Nah dog that’s how all the cool kids do it.

I watched the whole series this week-end, and let’s be honest, as an anime it sucks.

On the other hand, I was very pleased to see Alex Garcia in the show, as well as the fact it is really interesting for someone like me who didn’t live the 90s yoyo craze. It is pretty accurate on technical aspects.

I also found there was a video game based on this series “Chousoku Spinner” on GB, but the gameplay is awful on an emultator, in a whole afternoon I’ve not been able to master walk the dog, I’m humiliated. May this game burn in hellfire.

yeah that’s why I liked it too. It sucked but I was so young in the 90s, I didn’t jump on the band wagon either. And it’s a gb game? XP I rather actually walk to the dog. XD

If only YYE sold large bottles of reserve aura, I could master those techniques!