Yo-yo has made its mark to National Television



It’s called Blazing Teens 2… It’s about yo-yo battling with powers in it and stuff… It’s kinda hilarious but it’s cool if you watched it’s series on TV


I used to watch that in the Philippines, it really me got me into yoyoing…

But then they give yoyoing a bad view, because yoyoing is not all about rivalry and all that…

Although the show would be very boring if they didn’t have rivalry… So yeah…

It was a really good show though.

(DOGS) #3

I need to record a hilarious dubbed version… NOW!


(Yo!It'sMatt) #4

This is the show audley or aoda makes their yoyos for…


i think it could be better without all those dumb special effects so you can actually see what their doing.


is that a fiesta lol



I know right?! But trust me guys, it’s a really good show.

(Khent G) #8

Yo, i have simons yoyo. they metal one. the grey Fox


I have 2 yoyo’s from their season 1… and 1 yoyo from this season…

It’s auldey yoyo’s!.. Good for starters cause it’s VERY cheap! and durable! and ha long smooth spins…

The problem with their yoyos is that they are too responsive and the bearings rusts easily