Thoughts on Blazing Team?

The new badly animated kids show, that promotes yoyos of most skill level?

I don’t like their marketing, it reminds me of beyblades.

Haha thats exactly what it reminds me of too i used tl love those beyblades when i was a kid


I’ve seen an episode or 2 on youtube. Really weird. I have not tried their yoyos yet but Walmart is full of them. Hopefully they play better than the Sky Bounce yoyo I played there :slight_smile:

I think it’s a nice way to market yoyo for kids.
Kids like what they seen on TV.

I hope to get myself a Blazing Team yo-yo before they’re all gone

I prefer beyblades… Lol.

Pick carefully, some play nice, some play like a tin can, some play like a rubbish.

Never tried them nor have i seen the show but if its getting people into yoyoing then im all for it.

That is what it does here in Indonesia.

Brendan Vu has done reviews of several of them.  They seem to be toy yoyos rather than serious yoyos.  But then again, that’s the market they’re shooting for and that’s fine.  Some of them seem playable and for a new young player they may be useful.

My question more was, would it help or hurt the yoyoing community?

I don’t know how it would hurt the community… It is getting the idea of yoyos out there. I haven’t looked into the whole blazing team yoyos though… Would you care to explain?

I guess it is a positive thing.
I am a negative person.
But if it got very popular, it would take a percentage of business away from pro yoyo retailers. Blazing team yoyos might be idolized as “pro yoyos” in kids and while some aren’t bad they certainly aren’t hardcore.

Kids will see yoyos on tv and get into it. Then they will learn about people who do crazy tricks in real life with higher end yoyos from companies they’ve never heard of before. Then the kids will want the high end stuff. Then our community grows. Then companies will make more yoyos to satisfy the large market. Then there will be an over saturation and the price of yoyos will drop. Then the show will get cancelled and the boom will die. Then some companies will start to go out of business. Then we’ll be back where we started.

I think that it’s a good idea to get kids into the yoyo community. But the trick tutorials are rubbish, they teach the bind wrong, and the trick dizzy baby is marked as a “master trick”. But the yoyo’s are alright, and I’m thinking of getting a morph-master

I watched one of the episodes to see how it represented the community and it was… well… umm… different we’ll put it.

Watching Brandon Vu’s review on the morph master made me want to get one even though im more in between advanced and intermediate just because they look like they can be so much fun. They do give the yoyo community that child toy look though.