Will there ever be another yoyo boom?

Well, it would be pretty amazing if there was another mega yoyo boom. What is your guys opinion on the likelihood of this?

Maybe if big toy store companies such as yomega, yoyofactory, and duncan started TV advirtising…

Think about it, the velocity is in toys r us! What if the onestar made it to toys r us…

What if any ohter brand other than yyf and duncan went to any popular store! They would proabably not stock unresponsive though, there would be a lot of people returning things.

I don’t see booms as good for the community.
I think the fall out after one is far worse for a community then the draw when it is popular.
Slow long term sustained growth is what I would like to see.

the only boom i’d like to see is when the World cup of yoyo is broadcasting on national TV…

then people might realize how competitive and serious yoyo has become, that it’s more than a “up and down” toy, and that adults also yoyo and that… you know, …how SWAG unresponsive yoyo is

that would be cool, seeing yoyo change into the minds of people

in real life it would affect players this way:
you doing yoyo while waiting for the bus or the train…and people not staring at you, or at least not laughing(or wanting to)

I definitely agree with that.

There is one sorta happening now. It’s almost everyday that I hear someone new has picked up a yoyo so idk if thats just me or if you guys have seen it too. YYF has also been doing these tours everywhere and those are getting jojos popularity

yyf is getting monnnney cause of dat, and thats where their credit ends;

plus isn’t that just USA? shouldn’t a major yoyo revolution happen world wide? that’d be epic

I don’t really understand the previous post but in the past couple of years Yoyofactory is promoted globally. We work hard. We spend money to grow yoyo

Yeah, not sure what was up with that post. Sure, YYF may make some money, but they are a BUSINESS, so they have to keep going somehow.

Ben, keep up the awesome work you are doing.

It’s definitely possible,

In the meantime, I’m really excited about the direction yo-yoing is going as opposed to the boom & bust of the 90’s. Right now if a kid (or adult) wants to start throwing, they can get a really good and easily accessable yo-yo and accesories for less than $25. They can go to clubs or watch tutorials online to learn tricks, the contests are getting bigger & better and and they’ve got forums to ask questions and see what other throwers are up to.

I remember in the late 90’s trying to learn buddha’s revenge from a book with a Tom Kuhn SB2 thinking to myself “this is impossible” (it pretty much is) and giving up until 2007 when I re-discovered yo-yoing. Now, even if a guy is out in the sticks and there’s not a thrower for miles around, he can still feel a part of a community and advance in the sport.

So right now we’re seeing a sustained growth, and if there is a boom, we’ve got the infrastructure to support it

Boom? Probably not.
Slow and steady growth? Yes.
I just recently got one of my close friends into unresponsive throwing, because he seemed interested in it, so I showed him different types of throws, and ended up grabbing a OneStar. Hopefully he sticks with it.
Anyways, I think it’s going to be awhile (5+ years) before modern play is mainstream or even acknowledged by society.

I think that YoYoing would be a boom if a company I.e YYF YYJ or Duncan/Yomega made a small shelf near the entrance that had some neat art work that stood out.

Like Walmart, YoYoings not going to boom there if the Duncan BF and Imperial are shuved under/beside some cheap TV ad toys***.

(*** At my Walmart the yoyos are under piles of junk toys)

Actually if you look at the charts (i have a little yoyo Booklet by klutz I think) And it says yoyos went way up starting about the 80s or 90s and it never came down really. I think we’re all part of a boom right now. At least the sport is growing. There is a ton of new companies and fresh ideas.