Yoyo Boom!

(David ) #1

Speculatively asking, when will the next mainstream yoyo boom happen? Seems like the kendama boom is on the decline after ushering out the yoyo. Since things seem cyclical, when or what will break the mainstream?


If we are looking for a boom like fidget spinners had…sigh, then I think we would need a pretty up n coming Disney channel star ( or something like it) to actual like and promote the hobby. Not a show about it but just a product selling machine of a tween star. Not the hero we deserve but the hero we need.

(Jacob Waugh) #3

I made the exact same post a few months ago, lol

(Victorian YoYos) #4

I hope soon, but here’s the thing. I don’t like what fidget spinners became… MEME. I never liked them so it’s slightly biased. But the last thing I want is yoyoing to become a meme. I want yoyoing to get bigger so I can have more people to yoyo with, however I don’t want it to become to popular. Like fortnite, it was fine at first. But then it started to become a meme and people would relate for example dances moves to fortnite, even though it was more or less the other way around. An example of which is when codinghorror said that he contacted epic games and suggested a yo-yo emote. And I responded saying the last thing I want is to be yoyoing and some kid, walks up to me and says something like, “is that the yo-yo from fortnite” or some crap like that. I want it to get bigger but not mainstream size. Also when things get bigger the community gets worse as it attracts different people. Which isn’t entirely bad until the community gets toxic and fake. Example: Fortnite

(David ) #5

I agree. I also want yoyoing to expand but not be ridiculous. Remember in the 90s even the “Simpsons” got im on the craze.


Oh interesting I wonder which episode it was.

(SF Yoyos) #7

if a yoyo boom happened now I think I would just have one continuous panic attack trying to fill orders until it was over

(Levi Neal) #8

Do you think a boom would gut the community once it was over? What yoyos beside the dv888 would become the mass produced ones? New companies would join the market likely and I bet older ones would leave the market. I think small growth is good but rapid growth im unsure on. Our community is a great size now and supports more companies than I know.


i really would rather stay here in my own little corner so that i have something interesting when someone asks for my hobbies

(Jacob Waugh) #10

I don’t like Fortnite or Fidget Spinners, I wish I could heart this reply twice.

(Victorian YoYos) #11

Lol :joy:. Fidget spinner= worse version of hubstacks. Not going to lie, the Onedrop Trillium is cool tho


You don’t want one.

You want continued, managed growth for the companies which support the community. You want people like Andre, the folks at YYF, Duncan, One Drop, Clyw, etc, who have collectively put decades into improving the craft, practice and (through their support) ART of yo-yoing to be rewarded appropriately for doing what they do… but not throw them into a mad scramble over an unsustainable matter of months which could send them and the scene into a tailspin (cue Baloo the bear).

A boom, by definition, ends in a bust. The last one, companies waaaaaay overextended and took years to contract and right the ship when it ended (if they were lucky). In theory a boom seems like more money into yo-yoing, but it really just means more money to the very few companies which would jump on the bandwagon with the ability to take advantage of overwhelmingly vast and CHEAP production. Those are not the companies which have sweat and bled to support the scene for the last decade and a half.

I don’t think anyone should FEAR yo-yoing being popular because they feel that if it did, they wouldn’t seem so interesting anymore. But, I also think that to assume a boom would be beneficial for what you like about the scene now runs counter to what history has taught us.

(David ) #13

I didn’t mean to stir the winds of chaos here. Indeed the tailspin would be counterproductive in all the above mentioned examples. Definitely no need for fidget spinners to rise again. :smile:. I would however love to see more yoyo exposure without hurting the sustainability that we have now.


I’ve always just wanted one of those crappy movies like Rad, Airborn, The Wizard,Hackers ect. But about yoyoing. I’d be happy with that.


I dont think a boom will ever happen again because learning this Art/Hobby takes an investment most people aren’t willing to make. The last Boom in the 90’s didnt have to compete with cellphones, YouTube, and internet trolling. There’s too many distractions.

(Tyler) #16

Can’t say it any better than this.


Never forget



I never can remember the name if this movie tell I see it.