Blazing Team Yoyos


Can I just bring up the fact that Hasbro is making yoyoing a weird kind of thing I mean “Yo Kwan Doe” what is that about? Is it real yoyoing and if so are they staying true to the sport or just trying to make a buck? Let’s talk about this? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

How many of you have started yoyoing after seeing the show blazing teens on tv?

Knowing Hasbro, it’s mostly about $$$.


Frankly, as long as it attracts new throwers, I don’t really care how gimmicky or silly they are. I mean, would Beyblades have been nearly as popular if it wasn’t for the show?


Probably both.


Yeah but I can’t see how people would want to use those as compared to the other many Yoyos out there. It’s just upsetting that some places have been trying to get their products out and here comes Hasbro trying to get a piece of the pie! It’s honestly lame!!

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Few months ago similar thing happened here in Asia, Blazing Teens by Auldey.
The yoyo silliness level is I guess similar to this Blazing Team. Kids love the show on tv and actually buying the yoyos, even though they are notorious for the low quality.
For kids, it’s more about ‘prestige’ of playing with yoyos they’ve seen ‘on tv’, and actually think they are the best quality because as seen on tv means ‘original stuff’.
Anyway, a lot of my yoyo friends are doing demos for them and got paid. If I remember correctly it was low, like $40 for two days weekend, each day was like two to eight hours depending on the mall, something like that. Recently the fad has gone and they just seem to disappear.

Back to Blazing Team. Now I can’t help to relate their other toys with their yoyo quality. I mean if their yoyos are of certain quality, then their other toys should have been of the similar quality too.


The Blazing Team yoyos are actually really well made though, surprisingly


So, that’s encouraging…

I came close to strarting this thread several times. Everytime I want to watch yoyo vids on YT, those ads pop up. :-/

The concept of a martial arts like “belt system”, and gear that progresses with a players skill is interesting, and not without merit IMO.

I don’t really like the way they refer to it as a “toy”. Like they invented the yoyo…

I think it should be seen as having the potential to build the yoyo base. They might get a few sales to the yoyoers who buy from sites like YYE, but mostly I think they will be attractive to first timers. Any of these kids that stick with it, will eventually end up here. So, they shound be making the pie bigger, not taking a piece of it.

Perhaps Duncan and Magic Yoyo, and to a lesser extent YoyoFactory might be somewhat direct competitors, as they have a presence in physical stores, and/or target first timers.

Soooo cheesy though!


Meh meh. Considering I got like 7 for free at WYYC I’m happy with their yoyos. :joy:


I just saw a display at Target today. I don’t really want one, but if it gets kids into it, I don’t see a problem. The TV show is kinda dumb, though. Even for kids shows.


The Metal Max Tornado or whatever is actually a super awesome throw. I got one for free at Worlds and even though its gimmicky, it is so in a good way


I have a Morph Master yo-yo, and personally, I prefer it more in its Classic Mode than in its Butterfly Mode.


It took some convincing but finally bought a Blazing Team yoyo. I picked up a Tornado Strike yoyo at Target and it’s surprisingly fun! Not gonna lie, I’ve had just as much fun as I did with my 9 dragons (Tornado Strike has hubstacks that wrap around the yoyo from the outside). Surprisingly well made. Only thing I’d change on it (which I will) is the response. Other than that, it’s a blast for $15!


I’m interested to see how many I can get cheap when the boom busts :smiley:


I was around 7 when the blazing team show was popular…i liked that stuff so much that I bought a blazing team yoyo and played the heck out of it till the string snapped(didnt know that you could replace those so gave up on it)
My point is that that yoyo actually got me all the way to Double or nothing when I was 7 without absolutely no tutorials available to me.
It doesnt matter how cheap, gimmicky or whatever the yoyo is. As long as it introduces the hobby to kids and inspires them it’s all good.


They gave them out at nationals, not bad, the bearing posts are the same diameter as other hubstacked yoyos but the bearings they use are a bigger outer diameter, so you can swap the stacks out if you want.