Blazing teens 3

yes its real there will be a Blazing teens 3 but sadly anime but what ever here are the trailers

That looks so dumb lol

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I more intrested to the yoyo.
I want the L4.

How many times do they have to show some anime clown doing a mach whip -.-

yeah finally high end metal yoyos will be available in toy shops and more importantly in Egypt and other countrys as well ;D

also maybe a contest

You should just edit your post.
anyway, auldey will have some original, and some bootleg.
I know there would be a DM bootleg, X-convict bootleg, and even a synergy bootleg.
but they have some original metals.

while watching this a cool thought came to me. Having someone do animations of professional yo-yoers with their signature yo-yos.

that would be dope man

that idea reminds me of the punchline promo vid lol

its pretty similar but the show will be real anime and it can be about a certain players life yyah like so

beyblade with yoyos…thats what those commercials made me think of.


It would be awesome if they cut down on the dragons and what nots and just focus on the bleeding tricks. Lol. Come onnnn I wanna see some cartoon character pull off a circular eli hop!

those japanese people make shows out of everything LOL

yeah pretty much everything

Blazing Teens is Chinese, not Japanese.

I’d watch it if I could find it. All I’ve been able to find are trailers and a couple random clips from the show. And since it’s not animated and/or Japanese, anime databases don’t have it and nobody fansubs it.

You just ruined my day.

Just one of the many services I offer.

rofl lol :smiley: ;D