stacking a hayabusa


i wondered will stacking the hayabusa make it unbalanced and so it will vibe or something. I saw people do it in this vid.


It is possible.

It might cause a vibe, might not.


well it didnt answer my question, so no offence but why write something that doesent answer a question, sorta pointless and not helpful


Yes, he did answer the question.


Your question:

My Answer:

That is the answer. Like Synergy Caps, sometimes they will throw it off-balance, sometimes they work perfectly.

(JM) #6

If you watch the video very closely, you can see that they vibe. Honestly the better the job is done it the less vibe it will have. I dont think you would be able to get zero vibe.


true but if you watch even closer their not on an even surface like a table there on a rug with lines thru it


oh. . sorry i see now, sorry evan.