Stacked Duncans


Ok i made my own fhz hubstack kit and i think it works with any duncan. I can post pics if you want


Pics would be nice.

(SR) #3

(Yo!It'sMatt) #4

How did you do it?
just add a larger axle and bearings?


I have more pics and a vid on how i did it


If you have them why don’t you share them? Duh! lol


cuz there not the best i only had the supplies to make 2 and im willing to sell them for like 10 bucks? does that sound good but ill edit the video when i stop being lazy lol


Vid doesn’t have to be perfect.

For 10 dollars are the Stacks and Bearings and such included?

(JonasK) #9

10 dollars is great if you have the stacks and the bearings included. If we have to buy stacks and bearings separate, it’s just easier to buy a PGM and gut it.


tell us where to buy the stuff then