I would like to know a couple of yoyos that are stack-able without mods, but are not yyf.

most werrds. and the chinese copies of yyf that have stacks

I know people stack Duncan plastics.

Without mods?

you could always stack an M1 or dingo(idk if either is a mod) but take the axle off a pgm and put it on the one drop(thats what i did at least) if you want ill post pictures

Nothing too major.

Pictures would be good!

I used to have a stacked m1. you just do what toasted said. take the axle from a pgm and put it on. fits like a glove apparently. I didn’t do the modding myself, but I’ve heard that it’s not too hard.
Also as said before, werrd yoyos are often stackable. the rozzor 2, 4xl, split d, etc all have posts for jimmy hats.

it look alot like this lol ==>

Haha it turns out I’m chinese… Isn’t it funny how they always have all these ripoffs? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, if you have at least two yoyos, they should be stackable.

I find that as long as you have yoyos of the same diameter with roughly the same surface area for contact, they stack quite well


Can you do this on a caferacer?

aoda, audly, yoyomama. all these are from china. and while they have some original throws many of them are copies of more expensive ones

you should be able to. i dont have one so i cant try

not my vid but for almost any duncan