Stability on the 888x?

I do realize it’s not the best yoyo ever. Then again, there is no best yoyo. You get my point, though.

I have a Hitman PRO, which is undersized, and it cannot handle any sort of fast play. For example: I’ll be going through a variation of McBride Roller Coaster and the thing will spin out of control within seconds.

Is the 888x capable of fast play while maintaining a reasonable position? (Staying vertical rather than wanting to do its own thing.) Or will it behave similar to my Hitman PRO? I’d like to have one because I love its appearance, however, it’d be nice if it was a decent performer.

I’m comparing playability to my experiences with my Supernova which stays obedient no matter what I throw at it. I don’t think the 888x will perform anywhere near as well as the Supernova (I may be wrong, though.) but it can’t be that bad, right? :-\

Well, it might not be soo stable.

It’s pretty small, in my preferences. So that could cause it to tilt if you are doing a fast combo, I personally don’t like it, but I want to try the 888.11.

Honestly I’m not sure.

What sizes do you like?




I’ve only gotten my hands on a Hitman PRO, Supernova, and Dark Magic II. So I don’t really have any specific preferences other than stability during faster play.

It’s not a matter of choosing a yoyo, I already have a couple I know I want. It’s about whether or not an 888x would be worth my time.

It’s very unstable. Forces you to get your combos good.

Is it one of those yoyos that can only perform well if you don’t play sloppy and concentrate on getting everything damn near perfect? Lol.

Even then it doesn’t play well.

I found the 888x to be quite stable, and practice your throw, the Hitman Pro should be able to get through McBride’s Roller coaster.

I do know it can get through it. It’s when I try to speed it up, it gives out on me. My Supernova can perform at ever faster play and still remain in its original position.

I’ll be getting one in the mail soon. Had one before but my level of play was much lower back then. Still, I really liked it. Pretty sure it can handle fast play, just might be a bit tippy(good for gyroscopic flop)

I have no issues with the Hitman Pro. I did have similar issues with the DM2.

The problem? I was hitting tricks sloppy. The sidewall of the DM2 was causing me grief because I was not hitting tricks cleanly. Let’s say I take out my Code 1 and do the same trick: no problem. Using McBride’s Roller Coaster as an example, using anything, INCLUDING my Hitman Pro and even XCon Pro, I could get the trick done and have spin to spare. With the DM2, I was doing OK, until the end when you roll back out to a trapeze, and then when I would go to bind it would just spin out.

Practice makes perfect. I can do then trick just fine now with the DM2. I practice tricks with many yoyos. I’ll find something that helps me land the trick easier, then practice a lot, switch it up to something else, a few more chances, then use the DM2 to help dial it in.

Not to further distract, but the XCon Pro I found was very intolerant of bad throws. Forcing myself to use nothing but that, it helped me improve my throw. I was actually using the XCon Pro a lot to learn McBride’s Roller Coaster and kwijibo. I’ve been having a hard time with kwijibo, yet last night I did nail it with my DM2 just fine and clean. I was quite pleased. I hadn’t been working with my DM2 on that one.

Some yoyos work better for others. Not every yoyo is a perfect fit for everyone. Play style and preferences play a big part. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the 888x. I think maybe the 888x may not be right for you. Then again, if you have a yoyo that forces your play to be cleaner, maybe you should hang onto it and work harder on your tricks so you can be a better player.

Disclaimer: I’m not interested in getting an 88x or 888.11. I have nothing against, them, they just don’t appeal to me. I do have several YYF yoyos that I do like. However, if an 888.x is a yoyo that makes you have to force yourself to improve and play cleaner, I may have to reconsider my position. Anything that I can use that will make me have to improve my skills is a good thing, even if it means more hard work.