Two questions pertaining to the Protostar and Dv888

Question 1: I’ve been looking at the Dv888. I like the feel of undersized yoyos. However, they always seem to spin out on me whenever I try to speed up my combos. I’ve heard nothing but positive about the Dv888. So I’m wondering if it’s an exception. Let’s sat a Supernova is a 10/10 in stability (FOR EXAMPLE, for the sake of arguement.), where would the Dv888 range in that? Can it retain it’s vertical position through the hardest and fastest of combos?

I know I’ve asked the same about the 888x, though that was because I had specifically heard that stability was an issue with it. In this case, I’m trying to see if the Dv888 lives up to the hype it’s recieving.

Question 2: I’ve also been looking at the Protostar. In comparison to the Supernova 2012, the specs are generally the same from what I’ve gathered on the website. I’d always wanted to get my hands on a Protostar, but I don’t want something that plays identically to my Supernova. Being that the specs are similar, is the play at all the same? Or will the slightly different shape and weight distribution cause it to be a completely different player? (I’m hoping for the latter.)


IMO, if the Supernova is a 10, the Dv888 is like a 5-6, but it still is able to speed through combos, and the protostar is like a 9-10.

I was actually wondering if the Protostar played at all like the Supernova. In reference to my second question. Though it’s good to know it’s up there in terms on stability. I figured as much.

it doesn’t have the same presence on the string as the supernova does. supernova is smoother though.