St. Nick!


Hey all!,

So for any of you Germans out there, or have German backgrounds, you should know of St. Nick! If you don’t, it’s like a mini Christmas before Christmas, taking place on the 6th of December. The way my family has always done it, is you put your shoe out the night before, and the next morning you get a little something from good old St. Nick. Being in college, I can’t really get my shoe to “St. Nick”, so i don’t know what to “ask” for, any suggestions welcome! and remember St. Nick has a budget about 25$, so help me out!

Merry Christmas!,


~Chris Severson


Are you talking maybe yoyo related stuff?


Ask for a popstar. Small but very fun.


Yes also if you can mod the flea and fhz are good. Also as fellavader said the popstar is great and pretty good. I also would recommend the B/S/T if yo want some better yoyos for cheap.