St. Eel?

So, I’m looking to pick up an ILYY, and I’ve basically narrowed it down to the Noctu and the Saint Eel. Noctu because it’s shape is a basically a beast. St. Eel because, well, its a mini steel yoyo. What else to say?

But I’m a bit worried about the St.Eel. First, it’s steel. I don’t know of many, if any, yoyos that are made of steel. Also, its TINY. I’m not sure if it plays well, or what. What do you guys think? Noctu or Saint Eel?

Well, it’s stainless steel which has more mass than aluminum, so it feels like a full-sized but, obviously, it’s not.

Just depends if you want a mini yoyo or a larger yoyo that feels like you’re throwing a Batarang.

You’ve picked 2 of their most bizarre yoyos. I think the st eel is more fun than the noctu which is just a very weird yoyo to throw.

I’d personally look into something like the e1ns, lynx, or nile. The e1ns is just a very comfy organic shaped and the nile is their closest thing to a competition oriented throw. The lynx just has a unique feel on the string

Actually, I was kinda gearing for that. Thanks for noticing :smiley:

I might look at the e1ns.

So, I guess the St.eel is a pretty cool throw. Thanks guys.

If you’re looking for a yoyo that you can bring anywhere in your pocket with little-to-no buldge that will still perform a lot like a fullsize than you can’t go wrong with the st.eel, I absolutely love mine. I bring mine everywhere and even play with it a lot when my other yoyos are around.

With that being said, new Niles are gonna drop on yye any day now…

I never leave home without my St. Eel. It is one of my favorite throws. I would get it over the noctu. But if you can get your hands on a Nile do it. It is one of the best yoyos I have ever tried.

the st.eel is a truly fun throw. It’s, imho, the best pocket throw there is.
My 2010 noctu is one of my favourites though, and I’ve heard the oversized one plays incredibly similar to it. The shape is pretty bizarre, and it really depends on your hand, but it pretty much fits my hand absolutely perfectly. I would say get the noctu if you’re looking for something that performs great and is pretty unique, and get the st. eel if you’re looking for a pretty good performing throw you can take anywhere without a holster or that big bulge in your pocket.

I vote St. Eel. That thing is fricking awesome.

Only bad thing about the st eel is that you should use skinner string

True. Kitty string thin is perfect.