Popstar vs. St. Eel

how are they different and similar in playing style. i have the popstar and love it and might consider the St. Eel since they are similar in size so i was just wondering what the St. Eel plays like.


are you lookin’ for a st.eel review? because brett has a great one. well… a great 3, actually. he has prototype, original, and 2011 version.

“The Saint Eel is still pretty much the micro yo-yo to beat.” ~ Brett


So yeah, I’d say if you loved the popstar, you’ll like the steel.

Spending $90 on a “undersized” is just stupid . i love the popstar.

I totally disagree my ministar 90$$ plays amazing and cant even compare to the popstar which is a begginer metal.
and as far as the st. eel I hear really good things about it and you cant go wrong if you chose to purchase it.