ILYY Saint Eel


Hey folks! This is my first review, so feedback is appreciated (and be nice! ;))  Today I’m reviewing the ILYY Saint Eel.

Diameter: 42 mm
Width: 30.75 mm
Gap: 3.75 mm
Weight: 61 g
Bearing: Size D
Response Pads: Hot Red SILYYcone

First Impression:
The first thing I thought when I opened this is “Dang that’s tiny!”  It is small enough to sit nicely on just the cap of my Loop 360.  This was my first steel throw, as well as my first yoyo that wasn’t YYF or YYJ, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

First Throw:
Due to that fact that it is steel, it feels like a much larger yoyo, but it is not unpleasantly heavy, or too floaty, but definitely has a tangible feel on the string.  Its spin is what I would almost call powerful, and when you Thumb Grind it feels like it is just vibrating, not even spinning.  This throw also has no vibration whatsoever.  You can even try to give it a vibey throw, and it will simply correct its spin.

As I Got Used To It . . .
I could only like it more.  After I cleaned the bearing, I found that it slept quite a long time.  Its size, although sometimes annoying in tricks like Brent Stoles, can be very useful in tricks where you have to maneuver the yoyo into smaller places like Chopsticks and the Thimble.  However, it can’t grind at all due to its polished finish.


A must have yoyo!


Very nice review! Good job! :slight_smile:


I tried one yesterday. It just plays like a god. One of the best undersized yoyos in the world!!! So GO SMALL!!!


I love this pocket throw! So small but so stable… And really damn good looking!


I couldn’t agree more ;D