ILYY Saint Eel (Production Run): A High Speed YoYo Review

The story of the Saint Eel reads a little like a twisted version of Goldilocks. “Ok boys and girls; let me tell you about the four versions of the Saint Eel floating around the community. The First one was raw and too heavy. The second, while bead blasted, was too light. The third had beefier rims and was almost perfectly weighted. And then there is the fourth, the one being reviewed today.” I have had the pleasure of playing all of the prototypes and found each to play completely different from rest. Now it is time to see if all of that prototyping, going back to the drawing board over and over again, has paid off. The goal that Frank and Dom set out to achieve was to make a pocket friendly micro yo-yo that played like a full size. Lets see if they accomplished their goal.

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I just received mine and am totally stoked. The weight feels somehow just right, It came in a nice felt bag, I threw it and it is totally quiet like I like, spins smooth, spin time seems to rival the hatrick or marmot, fits nice in your hand. Right away did the matrix and had plenty left to bind. Bind seems very predictable for the first few throws, gap has plenty of room for a few wraps of string- at least at my beginner level. I can tell I love this yoyo already.

And a mini ILYY button inside the bag :slight_smile:

Only a few left - may want to get it before they go away.

Thanks for the quick service YYX