ILYY Saint Eel |

You have to hand it to ILYY. The Germany based yo-yo makers, considering the size of operation, have been putting out an impressive line of new yo-yo designs lately with a multitude of shapes and designs. I actually have four (including this one) of the new ILYY’s set up to review over the next month. When I got the packages, I knew that I had the review the Saint Eel first. Smaller than the One Drop Dingo and made of steel, the Saint Eel looks like a lot of fun. Over the last year, the ILYY Saint Eel has gone through several prototypes. Last March, ILYY finalized the Saint Eel design and released the under-under sized steal yo-yo. After a fun week of under under sized yo-yoing, this review practically wrote it self.
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