Saint Eel by ILOVEYOYO: A High Speed YoYo Review

This review is late. I planned on having it up a week ago but I needed more time with the Saint Eel. It truly is a different beast from anything I have ever thrown before. For one thing it is my first steel yo-yo. Also, it is my first foray into the realm of the micro yo-yo (those that are under 45 millimeters in diameter). Finally, it is my first yo-yo from German manufacturer ILOVEYOYO (ILYY for short). Before the yo-yo arrived from Germany, home of many great things such as bratwurst, the Audi R8, and my ancestors, I read up on other yo-yos in the micro category. Most of them seemed to be more of a novelty and less of a day-to-day carry. Will the Saint Eel fall into the same trappings as the majority of the micro market or will it rise up to become the patron saint of small yo-yos everywhere?

Nice review! :smiley: