SR's Nifty Little Yo-Yo Guide

I thought I would make a guide today. Well, here it goes, and I hope you like it! :wink:

SR’s Nifty Little Yo-Yo Guide

What is a yo-yo?
The yo-yo is a toy consisting of two equally sized but not specifically equally weighted pieces of plastic, wood, or metal, connected with an axle, with a string looped around the axle.

Oh, but it is so much more. It is more than a toy, used to perform amazing tricks, like grinds, whips, lacerations, and many more. It goes beyond tricks like, “Rock the Baby” and “Walk the Dog.” But it brings a sense of accomplishment as you learn and perfect the many tricks that make yo-yoing what it is today.

What are the types of yo-yos?
There are three basic shapes for a yo-yo; classic (or imperial), butterfly (or winged), and moddified shape.

The classic shape has been around the longest. It is also known as imperial and/or traditional shape. This shape yo-yo is characterized by a narrow string gap.

The butterfly shape is also known as (Wing, GT, and/or Saber) shape. It is essentially the Classic Shape yo-yo reversed. Its shape gives it a very large string gap, making it easy to land on the string. Many advance yo-yo tricks make use of the Butterfly shape and string gap.

The modified shape is also known as the modern and/or proyo shape. It is a great combination of both the other two common yo-yo shapes. The rounded rims make for smooth, easy landings for string tricks. It has a slim profile making looping easy as well. The best feature of this shape is its additional rim weight, with allows it to sleep for long periods of time.

What are the main types of play?
1A The player uses a long sleeping yo-yo to perform string tricks which usually require the manipulation of the string.
2A The player uses two yo-yos simultaneously to perform reciprocating or looping tricks. This tends to be the most visually entertaining style with some players incorporating acrobatics into their routines.
3A The player uses two long spinning yo-yos to perform tricks that involve manipulation of the string.
4A The player uses an offstring yo-yo, often releasing the yo-yo into the air and attempting to catch it on the string.
5A The player uses a yo-yo with a counterweight on the other end of the string rather than having it attached to a finger.

I want to get a yo-yo. Which one do I get?
Let me first start off by saying, “No Yo-Yo Is Better Than The Other.” It is all based on preference. There is no “best yo-yo.” Also, don’t get a yo-yo for its spin times. Spin times depend on all your throw. Anyways…

About that throw… which to get? To get a good throw, and to get you started on begginer tricks, I suggest the Yomega Brain. You can purchase and see it here:

I am moving on to intermediate, and I want a new yo-yo. Lets see… we have the perfect yo-yo right here for you. The YoYoFactory Velocity. This will get you started on your journey through string tricks.

I am getting much more advanced, I want something more. One of the most famous yo-yo’s ever is right for you then, The Dark Magic from YoYoJam.

I am getting much more advanced, I want something more. For a cheap price, and my personal favorite, the YoYoFactory Grind Machine:

I am an expert, and I want to bind. I am looking for a metal. One of the most popular yo-yo’s of all time is, The YoYoFactory 888:

I have a yo-yo, and I’m ready to learn. What now?
To learn tricks beginner to master, my favorite site to learn tricks from,

Thanks for reading!

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Alright! Very good beginners guide to yo-yos! Just what we needed! :wink:

Kind of a copy of this, exept this one has more examples:

preety cool but in MY opinion bginers are going to look at the examples and pick those u should tell them that these are YOUR opinion and it might diff to the players so i think i has too much opinain

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good review