SPYY Radian..?

Could someone please do a quick review of the spyy radian? I really like its design and specs but I havent heard anything about it. I want to get it as my next throw but I want to read at least one review first. Can you please help?

Hey if you look near the top of the page there is a place where you can ask that, this is for giving reviews. The child board is for asking for them. :wink:

“the child board?” Lol. I love it when people are just trolls over the internet. Really shows how much character they have. Lol. I was just asking a question. I’m new to this forum and didn’t know. Maybe you should think about yourself before calling someone else a child. lol

Dude, calm down. He is not calling you a child.

I have an 888x and I love it. But I’m looking at buying another high end throw but a little larger and without hubstacks. The spyy radiant caught my eye for its looks and specs. I.really want it but I dont know anything about it. Could someone please give me a quick review on it?

I’m no expert on giving reviews, but I’ve throws it a few times, and it’s truly a great throw. you definitely couldn’t go wrong by getting one.
it plays fast and light on the string, and grinds quite well.

A child board is a board within a board. Nopony’s calling you a child.

Well then I apologize grindmachine343. I thought you were another person on the internet being a jerk for no reason other than to just be a jerk. I didn’t know. I guess IAM a child this time. Lol I feel dumb. Sorry everyone.

My feelings are truely hurt…

child board: a board within a board, a sub-sub board.

yoyoexpert is the host forum.

review forum is a sub board

asking for reviews is a “child board” or sub-sub board.

i needed that Dean

Did you try to use the search function? The radian is an old yoyo, there’s probably 10 reviews of it.

EDIT: Hmmm, it appears the radian predates this board by a bit. there aren’t any here. I sent you a link to some posted elsewhere.

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Yeah I tried searching first of course. To no avail. Thank you for sending me those links. They helped

My apologies again. I haven’t been paying attention and didn’t realize that SPYY re-released the radian w/the larger “C” bearing. The links I sent you were all reviews of the original release w/the smaller bearing.

In my opinion you can’t go wrong with an SPYY, so just go get one. :wink:

I have a Radian Gen 2 and it is definitely one of my favorite throws. Firstly the look is great. I have half blue half black from swapping halves with Ed from SPYY, and I love the SPYY “spike” side effects. The bead blast on this is awesome, grinds nicely, and feels good doing it to. It feels…soft…kinda I guess. It plays amazingly, I love it. That’s all I’m going to say for now because it’s late, though now I want to throw my Radian and talk about it. :wink: 8)

Thanks everyone. I’m ordering my yye edition radian, AND G5 on Wednesday. Stoked!

A picture is worth a thousand words. ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: