SPYY punchline 2n'd run

Anyone know when the punchline 2n’d run is going to be?

I’d say within the month but there are also the new Addictions so the Punchlines might et pushed back.

there was never a definite answer on the addictions david, but the punchlines are probably being made right now

There have been so many rumors, I’m pretty sure Steve’s gonna make them. But only we know the difference lol

I never heard about the new addictions.

new punchlines, new addictions, and new v’s are all made and in various stages of ‘post-production’.
punchlines and addictions are the furthest along, and should drop within the next couple of weeks.

… and they’re gonna look foxy.

I heard that the Punchline is in new colors, I wonder if the addiction is too…

I’m pretty sure it is. Ed will know if he is allowed to tell you the color. And there might be one other difference, but I’m not sure.

I hope they make the gap wider. ;D

the newest punchlines come in gold with gold splash and green with blue splash. ;D

i must have a gold one!

their website says they are headed to stores now. so it should be soon that they start appearing. :smiley:

To back Love182’s comment here is the link.
It tears me up to link this because the less people aware of these the less competition there will be to grab one before me.

that would be why i didn’t link it. ;D

no i cactually thought it would get removed if i linked it. oh well. im glad it didn’t