Will there be more Punchlines?

Hey guys,

So I’m looking into getting a punchline for my birthday and had a question. Since I don’t need it right now and prefer other colorways, is the punchline going to have another line that they run? Are they going to repeat the old colors like black and copper splash? or is this the last run of punchlines that are coming out?

Thanks for the help


Not sure if you mean a 3rd run or 2nd, but the 2nd run of punchlines (Pictured in the link above) are in transit from Canada to YYE this very moment.
If you are in fact talking about a 3rd run of the punchlines, I do not know, but I would think they would eventually release another run because of the Punchline’s popularity.

I pm’ed you the link, it only has green/blue, yellow/orange(?) punchline
I orderd the green/blue one! so hyped xD

in steve’s words, ‘This will be it for the Punch Lines for a while, so don’t be waiting on another run of black.’

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