SPYY and YoYoSkills Video Contest - LAST DAY

Oh Hai!
Steve is Giving away a SPYY Pro and for a YoYoSkills.com run Video Contest.

Responsive Tricks only to get Spyy’s most UNresponsive yo-yos to date!

Full details at YoYoSkills.com


Define responsive yo-yo. Something akin to a Sunset Trajectory, or a thick lubed Dark Magic?

ye i need to know that too also im gonna enter!

All inteligence says that if the yoyo comes back to your hand, it’s responsive. Use your best judgement.

Agreed. Also, if you look at the website it says 1A or 5A so I wouldn’t think that a sunset trajectory is a good choice for either.

Tug responsive.
Throw a sleeper, tug, catch
Tug responsive.

Must be 1a or 5a (or both)

Editing allowed?

My bad

And you can use any responsive yoyo you want for 1A and 5A. Doesn’t have to be SPYY. :wink:

So far we have 2 entries…

Enter now or the kitty gets it…

haha i have a video in the video section called "Nothing official i gotta edit and get some 5a in there and im done!!!

Has to be new footage

Ooo… I want that Pro so bad!
Time to break out the camera!

Today is the Last Day to get your entires in. Good luck everyone.