Sports Team YoYos?


What do you guys think about a sports themed yoyo? It could be the teams colors in any style, and then tattoo or ghost the team logo onto it. I think this would be pretty cool. Also, comment what team you would want on your yoyo :smiley:


I think it’s an untapped market but would take a lot of money to pull off, much like Yomega with their Star Wars branded stuff. I hate to think what that license cost them, knowing what I know about Lucasfilm (and now Disney) brand licenses.

I sometimes buy yo-yos that are in my team colors, I have a white/green Rally that I call my Celtics Rally. I’m hoping to get a green Gradient too. Unfortunately no-one can do white anodize…


This would be awesome i would want a Redskins themed yoyo.

(2Sick Joey) #4

I have a few colorways inspired by sports teams. By I, I mean my company 2sickyoyos. I hae colorways named 12th man, supercharged and candlestick which represent the Seahawks, chargers, and 49ers.


Nope nope nope. No more 12th man stuff, that got old too quickly.