ACTION - Convince G2 to create new colorway/throw

Hey All,

There’s a storm brewing to convince @G2_Jake to create a championship colorway for the recent Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl win.

I won’t speak for Jake, but he did mention on FB that he was considering it, based on interest from the community. For those unfamiliar with the team colors, it’s a red primary with yellow secondary. His initial suggestion was a red yoyo with yellow/clear splash. If that were the theme, you could re-brand it as “The Hulkamaniac” :grin:

Even if you’re not a team/sport fan, it’s a colorway I haven’t seen much from G2 overall (though I’m probably wrong), so I think it could be a fun change of style. Also a chance to snag a custom G2 in one of the recent models, which have been tough to acquire…

If interested, chime in here! And thanks to @G2_Jake for considering the idea!


I don’t have anything against the KC Chiefs or their colors, or even the concept of basing a yoyo colorway on a sports team. But I’m curious why a storm is brewing over this idea now? Why hasn’t this been a thing for years already? What makes the KC win so special that only now has the “Superbowl Winner Ano Theme” become a priority for, well, anyone?

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Jake traditionally does a special colorway run for championship teams if there is enough interest. For example, there is an LSU Banshee in the works right now in honor of their CFP win.


Ah, I see!

Thank you for clarifying that for me. :+1:


Yeah, I should have clarified the precedent set with the LSU throw, which is purple/gold, I believe. It started over at G2 Nation and I brought it here to gauge interest. Thank you, @anmo.

It’s really a question of whether people are interested in a red yoyo with yellow splash by G Squared. Personally, I love the Iron Blood colorway he did as well as the Hot Fire Lava by CLYW. Getting a Banshee or Reaper in this style would be very cool.

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@G2_Jake yes! do it. great idea.

I’m interested. We just need enough. We can do a small run of respawns or covenants.

Banshee Ss would need a bigger commitment as I have no Raws


@jasonwongzero can do more than a splash. :grinning:


Works for me if he can handle / wants to do a full set


He can do a full set for every team number person identifier number!

JK. I have no clue, just throwing random info out there.

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