Sport ladder help!


Was popping guys? So I really want to enter the sports ladder at mar this year so I’ve been working really hard at learning all the tricks and practicing getting them consistent and so far I’m pretty happy with my progress but I’m still no where near ready to compete yet. I know how to do all of the tricks but it’s being able to do them consistently that I’m having trouble with, of course this will improve over time but I don’t have time because the contest is coming very soon. So in order to get better I think my plan is to go through all of the tricks as if I was at the contest and then if I miss one I’ll do that trick 5 more times give or take and then move on to the next trick. Does this sound like a good plan? Any other tips or suggestions? Thanks guys!


Oh and btw I’m using a recess diplomat for the ladder.


I think you have a good plan. Here is a tip. Find someone to practice infront of. Make it be someone you may know but not well. When I went to MA states trick ladder that was one thing I thought I didn’t need. But I got nervous and messed up. Try this. That’s my advice.


Thanks! I was thinking of just practicing in front of my camera while videoing myself but your idea is really good too. Because nothing seems to make me miss tricks more than being on video. Lol. Thanks again!