Sports Ladder - First attempt

After all of this time of throwing, I actually never considered doing a “pretend” sports ladder until a fellow member ThinkH2O and I were discussing sports ladders to see our actual progress. So I pulled out the GoPro and did a quick little video. Keep in mind this isn’t a “true” sports ladder as it’s been edited. Some tricks took multiple takes, most were on the first run including Hook and Kamikaze mount. In the end, this is actually a good training tool for me just to see what my tricks actually look like from an outside perspective.

I did not include Spirit Bomb or Black Hops yet as I’m still working on those and not quite ready to show it off yet.

Please don’t mind the elementary tricks, but they’re all part of the package, and yes, I know my poor attempt at Pop 'n Fresh looks really bad, and almost positive I’m not doing it correctly :slight_smile:

Awesome dude! Especially liked the Mach 5 and the first gyro flop, where it caught the sun. OoT FTW too.

Also love that shirt, lol

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