Sponsorship Needed

I am looking for a sponsor for my performance at the National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institution’s (NACHRI) Family Advocacy Day event on July 25th at the JW Marriot in Washington DC. One hundred families from Children’s Hospitals across the nation will be treated to a carnival themed party filled with jugglers, magicians and various street artists.

As my yo-yo name, The YoYoda, implies teaching the art of yo is a large part of my act. I would love to give each one of the kids I interact with a yo-yo to remember their evening and to get them playing! If you would like to sponsor me in any way, please contact me at spinmasterclub@gmail.com

Thank you
The YoYoda,
Matthew Baldwin

Why not contact someone like YYJ. They like to sponsor things that are great for the sport/hobby. Try them and Duncan to see if they can help. They are better at stuff like this than any one person.

YYF May not be bad choice either. That new One is a cheap but good player for the entry levels. They might be willing to donate a bunch.

Gratz to you for doing this BTW and good luck.

Own your own business? It’s super cheap to get 100 yoyos made with your logo… I’d be handing them out to kids and parents from across the nation… think about it!
-=the yoyoda

ps - thanks for the advice. i am on it

Update - I got sponsored and every kid will get a quality beginner yoyo!

Out of curiosity could I ask who the sponsor was?