Split the atom

When you’ve done your under and overs and start to do the brain twister do you actually drop the first string like done in this video, around 2:50:


Or is it done incorrectly? :slight_smile:

Split the Atom hasn’t started at 2:50. I don’t really know what you’re talking about, sorry. For the Braintwister, you really do just drop that one string to enter the mount.

No, for the rolls you keep the finger in the loop and the do the rolls from there.
The only time you take your finger out of the loop is when you’re dismounting. After you drop the loop you’ll be in a Barintwister so you dismount like you would do from a Braintwister(obviously lol).

Do you get extra string wrap around your throw hand pointer finger when your doing the loops?

Yes, that’s what’s supposed to happen. Then to dimount, just slip out your finger.

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Thank you, this was the only intermediate trick I’ve had problems with, now I can do all and advancing soon! :smiley:

Feel free to ask any more questions n the YYE forums.