Split the Atom

Yeah i can do split bottom mount. actually i can do it all but when i bring the yo yo backwards
those two strings are so close together. when i look into the tutorial, andre has 2 strings so far apart but he doesn’t do anything special. how do i get 2 strings apart?

I don’t quite understand what you are saying. Can you please explain that better?

When you are pulling back into the strings, you want to keep your freehand still, and just move your throwhand back. This will get you longer strings. Put them into the gap without moving your freehand.

The way you start off will determine how far they are apart. Before your first underpass, you can move your freehand towards the right, and get the string to sit nearer your knuckle before underpassing. This will make the formation look weird, but just do it.

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Exactly !!!