Split Bottom to GT?

I figured out a way to got straight from a Split Bottom Mount to a GT that dismounts the front. I doubt I am the only one to figure this out, however I found nothing with the search function so… I figured maybe someone else should know :stuck_out_tongue:

get into split bottom mount, hop the yoyo over the top sting back onto the bottom string, and drop your throwhand pointer I’m guessing. Am i right? that was my favorite GT back when I only knew frontstyle

lol yup, is there an official name for it?

don’t think so

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Make a tutorial? :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, I could, problem is, I cant find my friggin SD card for my wife’s camera… I will keep looking, I know a lot of you prolly already know about it but if one person requests it, you kinda want to make it.

A text description will have to suffice for now.

Throw a hard Sleeper.
Go into Split Bottom Mount.
Pop yoyo up and over the top string toward your throwhand side.
Land yoyo on bottom string again.
Dismount to the throwhand side.

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Here’s a thanks in advance then. ;D presses the thank button

I’ve gotten into a GT from Pop n’ Fresh…it still puzzles me as to how it happens. Possibly this way?

You can also mount straight into it. Mounting into it is easier if you go over your index and middle fingers on your throwhand.

Being the novice I am, seeing little things like this really helps me out.

I grant you a thanks. :slight_smile:

Your Welcome I am glad to hear I was able to help you.