Split Bottem Mount

I Can’t Do it. My DM comes back when I get the yo-yo on the string.

Is it tightened all the way? If so, un-tighten it a little. If you swing it up, make sure it goes straight to. Not up, snagging the string, then landing. Or its just snagging the string.

When you land on the string, bring both hands closer together to produce some slack, so that the yoyo is below your throwhand… If not, it will just roll down.

Also be sure that you are not swinging the yoyo up, and letting it just free fall onto the string.
If the yoyo is still a bit responsive, it will try to wind up as it is landing on the string causing the yoyo to snag or stop.

Good luck!
You can do it!


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Before you are ready to lland the yoyo on the string, (if you’re right hand) use your left hand to move up and your right hand to move forward at the same time tto make your yoyo to land on the string. I hope this helps.

Happy Throwing! =]

Is it responsive?

Anyways, try to land your yoyo on a horizontal string, not a vertical one.