splashing paint design

hi just wondering if anyone knows if there is a specific type of paint i can use to splash a yoyo case. can i use regular house paint or is that just a bad idea thnks

No, I would definately not use housepaint. You’re looking for something more glossy. I’m clueless on the subject, however.

you can get yoyo splashed by re annoing it or buying the one that is anno’d like that
dont use paint lying around at your house to paint the yoyo. only paint you can use to paint yoyo is ones that is used on car, that can be painted with airbrush.
But I dont think you can do splash with that

He was talking about the case, not the yoyo.

I think if you just go to a hobby store and look at the paint made for models then you could use that. Seems that paint sticks to most things.