Splash Game General Discussion (Questions)

This is the place to post questions or comments about the game in general, not necessarily about a specific thread or post within the game section.

You guys remember the name game and the shape game, well, I had an idea for another game. I thought it would be fun to compare splashes on either side of a yo-yo. I take a lot of photos, and believe every yo-yo has a “good side.” But, I pick the best side, according to my preferences, and I always wondered what other people might choose as the “best side.” So, that was the foundation for the Splash game. I wanted to create an activity that someone can do alone, but centered around the activity of others also acting alone. In this section, you can choose to be a voter, a contributor, or both…the choice is yours. :wink:

I just discovered this and I have three words for you…THIS IS AWESOME!!! You make the best forums games EVER, TA! I’m gonna go vote on a bunch of these polls now…

You’re the best! Always very supportive. It will take me a few days to post most of the photos I have taken already. Those who follow me on Instagram have been comment voting as it’s the only way on there. I’m hoping we will do our best within the limitations and have a new fun activity here…when the discussions get stale. :wink:

Well, it’s pretty easy to be supportive of these amazing forum games, haha.

I started at the last thread on the second page, and I am working my way to the first one listed…just finished the poll on the Chief. I chose the right one, but as soon as I pressed “Submit” I began to doubt…now I think I should have chosen the left one, LOL. Some of these are REALLY hard!

Now on to the next poll!

Scratch “a bunch of”…I did 'em all! That was fun. And I got to be the first to vote on the Evil Yo!

Well, I should have plenty more up by tomorrow…you voted faster than I could get them all up. Thanks for participating…you’re the best.

Awesome, can’t wait! But don’t worry about putting them all up really fast…just do them whenever you want to! Keep it fun for yourself too, LOL.

No, thank YOU for putting this all together - I imagine that it took a lot of time!

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Just noticed that TA and redneckyoyoer3826 are the only ones to have posted on this thread. ::slight_smile:

True, but that’s a good thing. It means all questions about the game have been answered. At least…that’s how I like to look at it. ;D

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Can we add 4 parts?

Left side, right side.

Left side (inside) right side (inside)

Like the gap or taken apart?

Well, not at this time. Even some yo-yos with splash don’t have any splash in the gap. The game will evolve over time though. When people are used to the process, which will take time, small things will be added on.

My triton only had splash in the gap XD

I’ve never seen a yo-yo like that before, so I wouldn’t have imagined. No place in the Splash Game for that throw…just yet. :wink:

dem gap splash photos

some yoyos shouldnt come apart, just take a pic of your favorite slpash in the catch area and add additionally? …ala yye stock photos.

I never take my yo-yos apart, I just take the photos with it whole.

Elaborate more about whether we would vote on the gap splashes, or just post them for observation. Someone else suggested it awhile back, but I’d have to hear more detail about how hit would work in game format.

Some yyf splashes are only in the gap.

That is very true. Some are only in the gap, some are only in the cup, and on others…the whole throw is splashed.

Do you think that applies to a lot of throws, or just a small percentage? :-\ In my collection, it’s a small percentage.

How do i join the game ?

In short, all you have to do is make a collage of both sides of your splashed or unique engraved throw.  Then, you post a poll (not new topic), and ask people to vote on the left or right half.  If you don’t know how to make a collage with the photos, you can PM them to me, and I’ll create it for you, and send it back to you for your post.  There are some details here, but feel free to ask questions too.