G-Squared Mystic Space Albatross

This ano job is amazing. I just wish it was more visible in the cups for the Splash Contest.

Which side do you like better? Vote and/or comment below!


Post the catch zones. If I remember correctly those look A+

I know it’s not supposed to be here, but the big man asked for it…

^ You can post any other parts of the yo-yo, spinning shots or whatever you like, as long as it’s not in the original post :wink: The more photos the better. That looks great…wow!

Would be cool to do a Cup vs. Catch splash contest…

Would we compare both cups to the catch, or choose the winning cup from here, and match it against the best shot of the catch?

Could do that, or posters’ choice of which cup to post, just like what angle of the catch zone to post.

Hmmm…I wouldn’t change the game rules at this time. But, I think the poster can do what you just did, make another collage for comparing the cup/gap and post it later on in the same thread. People would vote by comment on the second collage. I just think if there are different formats in the same game, it will confuse people. But, once they are engrossed in a thread, they will know what is going on. If you want to do a cup/gap collage, I can work on one for you and post it up in here…just let me know which cup. :wink:

Ooohhh… Left for me :wink: