Rules for The Splash Game

The Splash Game!

The object of this past time is to simply compare the splash patterns (or other unique patterns or engravings) on each side of a yo-yo. Simply pick the one you think looks best, and vote on it. Compare your opinion to the majority. Before you vote, you can play a guessing game with yourself about whether you are choosing the one most other people would have chosen. Have you ever wondered which side of a yo-yo is best displayed in your case? Now, you can find out what most people think. If you like yo-yos, you like photos, and you love looking at yo-yo splashes, and comparing them, this game is for you. You don’t often see both sides of a yo-yo at the same time. Now, you can!

Rules for Posting a Thread in the game:

  1. Yo-Yo halves must depict the entire face of the yo-yo, with no portion of the sides visible.
  2. Photos must be clear, and about equal in size.
  3. Photos must be displayed side-by-side, for a fair comparison. If you cannot do it, send me the two photos, and I will generate a collage for you.
  4. You must post the thread as a poll, and allow the results to be viewed by the voters, after they have voted.
  5. You should label the original thread and post so that the make, model, and colorway are listed. Part of the fun of the game is knowing what you are voting on.
  6. If a make/model yo-yo posted is still available in the store, your post may be modified with an added link to the store.
  7. Your submission comparisons can be any of the following:

A. A unique splash yo-yo’s opposite sides;

B. Two different unique yo-yos, but the same make, model and color way (same side, front or rear);

C. A unique, splash, acid wash, or a rare solid color with different creative engravings on each side of the throw.

D. A non-metal yo-yo, but only if it has unique color patterns on each side of the yo-yo.

*Please, no posting photos of yo-yo models branded by competing retailers, especially those retailers operating primarily within the United States. All posts are allowed at the sole discretion of YoyoExpert.

Ideas for thread comments:

  1. Mobile users playing on the App can comment vote, if they want to play exclusively within the App.
  2. Discuss the overall look of the yo-yo, and your thoughts on what makes one side more visually appealing.
  3. Discussion about the status of the yo-yo, or whose collection it is currently in.
  4. You can post additional photos of the yo-yo, such as the profile, or a spinning shot
  5. Discuss setting up an alternative post, if you have the same exact yo-yo and want to swap photos via PM to set up a unique comparison post.
  6. You can discuss the current poll results.
  7. Who did the ano work on that run, if you happen to know.

3 Ways to Play:

  1. The forum = Full features, more photos, convenient polls.
  2. YoyoExpert App = Vote by comment within the App, or open a Splash Game post in the browser to view the poll and vote.
  3. Instagram = Follow “TotalArtist” to vote on occasional Splash Game posts. And, follow "YoyoExpert"on Instagram to vote on occasional Splash Game posts, and for the latest updates on the best new yo-yo releases.

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