Splash Counterwieght

I made a splash counterwieght!

I thought it was so cool


But then I noticed…

It was to big! :frowning:


What can I do with it now? Tell me if you have any idea.


Thats one good looking CW. Though I’d say use even though its big.

I tried, and it was HARD, it’s hevy too.

Sell it to me!

Drill a few more holes in it

Get a bigger yoyo! :slight_smile:

Hmmm…good idea…might try that.

Ha ha…your funny…don’t have the money…what a nice rhyme. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or ignore my bid to take away your problem! lol

I thought you were joking.

Eh, so do a lot of people

So were you or were you not, or will I ever know.


Oh my god… 5A with a bigyo… That would be AMAZING!

Whoa Manny. Whats up with all the projects lately. Keep it up cause all of them are Amazing! You might just want to size it down with sand paper and do the paint job over again. How did you get the splash design?

Awsome,you could drill another hole in it or sand it but thats already been said so I guess i’m no help here.Lol

That’s awesome man i wanna buy one to bad. It will look good on New Breed

I’ll make some more out of dice and sell them, ok. :slight_smile:

wat kind of paint can i use to splash

I just drilled some dice that were about the same size this weekend, and I just made the string hole bigger. I’m not sure the size of the bit, but I know it was the biggest one I have. (I don’t have a lot of hardware.) Anywho I found that the new weight balanced really well with my Legacy.