Splashed Homebrew CounterWeight



A fun little project I did, very messy but fun. Plays light but comes around really fast. I decided to do something like YYE colors.



Amazing! Make more!!! ;D


Woah nice! I know you made CW’s gizz!


Thanks for the comments guys, I might sell them with string!


How do you make splash conterweights? I tried to make one yesterday but it didn’t go very welll at all :frowning:


Nice cw’s! You should try doing some round/bouncing ball once!


Thanks guys!


Loving it! A blue and black splash on that silver base coat would totally make my day.
How’d you get the paint so smooth?


You want to do a nice flick!

Any ways, this one went to Durfee!


nice it kinda looks like foam for a second.

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #11



duncan sees all…


You should contact duncan before selling them since they have been reenforcing their patent lately. You dont want to get in trouble with duncan.


Key word: MIGHT

I don’t think I will sell these anymore, due to the patent, I really don’t want to mess with them.


Would you trade them? :stuck_out_tongue: Like, deal sweeteners?


Possibly. They never stated them for trading.


what’s wrong with selling a plastic die that you randomly decided to paint and drill a hole through? ::slight_smile: