Spirit Bomb: Success!

Finally! I landed Spirit Bomb!!! This trick has been frustrating me since July. A longer string definitely helped. Just had to share.

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thats awesome, im just starting and im 6’0", im a little older lol. when you say you went to a longer string how much longer? Ive heard it should be from belly button to the ground but I swear when I watch some of these guys their string is longer than that.

I’m 6’2" (older too) and the string is about 3 inches above my belly button. I think most people with skill use a longer string. As long as your good enough not to throw it into the ground :).

Lots of world calibre players use short strings. :wink: Just depends on your style. Watch a Hiroyuki Suzuki or Shinya Kido video to see short strings.

I’d say a bit above belly-button is good for many people, though.

I stand corrected.

Does anyone have any opinion on string length for a new player? I cut mine at bellybutton length already and my binds are ok so far, im trying to learn different ones and really get them down this week.

The whole point of this thread was that he hit Spirit Bomb. Not that he used a long string.

I’ve been throwing since I was about 10 years old. I always read from belly button to the floor, but I always have and always will use full length strings. It ends up being a few inches higher than my belly button, about chest level-ish.

I’m 5’4 and I use string 1 inch BELOW my belly button haha :smiley:

I used to use chest length but I like the shorter string better

Getting a trick you e been working on for months is one of the greatest feelings!! I was in the same boat as you were trying to learn spirit bomb. It took months of taking breaks and going back to. One of the best feelings when you finally start nailing it. It’s still one of my favorite. My most frustrating was magic drop. Easily the most simple looking move that is the hardest to learn.
My nemesis has always been superman! Never been able to get past the magic drop thingy part towards the end.

Good job learning spirit bomb! Like said above, it is a great feeling to finally accomplish a trick that you’ve been working so hard to nail.

Next, if you hhaven’t already learned, is to try superman. Somewhat similar to spirit bomb, but a little different still.

Just keep practicing and trying to stay patient. Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

I don’t cut my strings at all. I’m 5’6" and use full length kitty’s, not sure if that’s weird or not. Took a bit to get used to and dinged a yoyo a couple times in the process, but if I use anything shorter at this point I’m banging my knuckles.

That’s way too long and sloppy for me. Everything would feel like it’s in ultra slo-mo and just not clean.

Full length kitty string is ridiculous. Makes all your tricks super slow, and choppy. I If you want to have a bad time use full length kitty. Just about all the yoyos I tried at nationals last weekend had close to full length kitty, and I could not get a feel for the yoyo when the string is that long. It makes doing tricks too much work.

I personally like the string to be about an inch above my belly button. I should also mention that I’m only 5’6"

Being 5’9’’ I decided that the string was too long for me when trying out Ahmad Kharismas yoyo at worlds

This is with uncut Kitty Fat. I’m 5’6". If that gives you an idea.

Yeah, too long. :wink:

Just feels like I’ve got something to work with. Much less and my parameters for double or nothing don’t feel wide enough. Besides, I can barrel roll or keychain for days. :smiley: