Spinworthy Button Wood Options Poll

I am making a run of the Spinworthy Button for the store (pictured).

I would like a little input of what wood options you might be interested in.

Please click the links includes to see examples of each wood.

Please bear in mind that the weights listed are approximate for each type of wood. Please also note the Button still plays really well in its low weight variants.

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As you know, I got a place in my purpleheart for wood.

Every variant you’ve produced of the Button has been gorgeous.


Very cool looking!

A real dark wood would really interest me also. Or cherry?



I’m glad I did this, the results are interesting!

Spectraply had a really low vote, I’m guessing because of the weight? It plays well at the weight listed. It is super expensive though.

I would have thought zebrawood would have got a bigger vote. The weight is really spot on and it looks great.

I’m also surprised white oak got such a high vote at 42-43g. It plays great at that weight, but I would have thought people might have been put off by that a little.

People seem to be loving the Australian sheoak! Is that because of the looks and because it’s an Australian wood? Would you guys like more Australian wood options?


Yes indeed! More of the Australian woods!


If the yo-yo community is anything like the vape community people love exotic woods.

Ok. Should I experiment with more Aussie woods? I’ll make a spotted gum one today.

Most of our woods look pretty plain, open grained and are really tough. I’m not sure how much you will like the look of them.


Ah. Well, they don’t have to all be aussie wood, Spotted Gum sounds really dope though! I was thinking like this maker, he’s in Mississippi, but I’m sure doing stuff like this would cause costs to shoot up.

Is the one in the picture Sheoak?

Yeah that’s sheoak.

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Still like my Myrtle Beech. Has a nice color to it as well.


I’m really surprised that the Spectraply doesn’t have more votes. I think this looks absolutely incredible:


Yeah I’m surprised too!


Aussie woods are mostly really plain like that. I just worry that people find them too plain. Sheoak and cypress pine are an exception.

I totally agree.

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For me Plain just looks Clean, and I like a Clean look. The world has a lot of distractions and noise, simple and clean can be refreshing. Vanilla is still one of the all time best selling flavors.


Ok! Well on Monday I will see what other Aussie woods I can find.

I have bit of spotted gum, so I’ll whip one of those up today.

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How long does it take you to make a yoyo?

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