Spinworthy Button Spotted Gum for Sale

Selling this Spinworthy Button.

The Button is mean to be a great classic butterfly shaped fixed axle yoyo for comfortable modern 0A play.

The drilled holes allow for better weight distribution, easier knot picking and allows more dense woods to be used without the excess weight. It’s a perfect carry everywhere fixed axle yoyo.

It’s one of my favourite playing fixed axle yoyos and I believe it to be one of my best models.

Please note that this is NOT a take apart design.


Diameter: ~57mm
Width: ~32.8mm
Weight: varies
Gap: 2.3mm
Axle: 8mm diameter

Spotted gum $70 shipped. Pretty smooth. This one is oiled to make the grain stand out more.

It’s the yoyo at the top right of the first picture and in the last picture.


I think it looks great! This is a really great design. I love that you can see the string wrapped up through the holes.


Bumpford and Sons


So the Sheoak is 51.2g and the Spotter gum is 46.3g? Or did I mix those two up? I’m looking for what makes the Sheoak B grade but they all look pretty good to me haha.

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Yeah the weights are the other way around.

The sheoak is B graded simply because the holes drilled in the faces aren’t perfectly aligned with each other. Other than that it spins extremely smoothly and plays perfectly.


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