Spintastics Technic - How do you use it...?

I’ve been enjoying this yo-yo, but doing typical inside loops, I feel like i’m doing something wrong. They always go really high up when I try to do them normally. If I pull down a lot with each loop, I can loop alright, but they still go up at a 45 degree angle upwards.

Is there some kind of trick to how you’re supposed to loop with this yo-yo?

How long is your string? Remember, shorter strings tends to loop upward, longer tends to loop downward.

Not particularly short. A little past my belt.

I’m not sure if this video will help it just features a single hand loop. I posted a quick video for someone with a looping question last summer http://stringslingernm.tumblr.com/page/2. On the fixed axles I would try using a long string a little past the belt. The Technic has a fast return on the loops. I’ll sometimes practice with long strings on the fixed axles and then go a little shorter when getting ready to demo tricks.

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As suggested above a longer string may help. Since the Technics has a removable axle cylinder you could also try shimming it slightly using paper or thin packaging plastic. That has worked for me on both those and a number of no-jives.

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