Spintastics Blade?

Saw this and wondered if Spintastics was really trying to produce a metal throw. Looks identical to a Magic Shadow T8, measurements are identical but weight is a little heavier, 70 grams. It’s size and shape put it right between a Yuuksta and a Genesis. Is this just a Magic re-branded?

I believe so. Maybe try PMing yoprodale, he owns Spintastics, or ask alecto, he has a Blade. They did make an original metal throw, it’s called the Trilogy. Very weird bearing system, it has a small bearing in a brass covering. But it’s kind of customizable. Has removable weight rings and hubstacks.

Magicyoyo lets you do customer orders of their throws which this is if I remember correctly

I tried one of these a couple years ago. It’s really bad. Heavy, vibey, sketchy response, crap bearing.

Do not recommend.

I have a blade, they are rebranded magic T8’s I like mine but its not my best or worst throw.

It’s not a bad buy considering it’s only 20 bucks. If it were more then I wouldn’t recommend it

Price point considered, there must have been enough of an incentive to buy a bunch of blanks wholesale to restamp/reengrave…w/e. I’d like to see an updated Spintastics sponsored design. This used to be a real good company.

Thank you for all your input. It wasn’t so much that i wanted to buy as i already have the magic “that i got in a trade with some other throws i wanted” which is as Steve stated too heavy and not much of a player. I was just curious if spintastic was going to break into the metal market. I personally would have done an original design, small batch cnc product to get your attention.

Dale is not breaking in to the metal market.He quit worrying about the actual yoyo market a long time ago…now he just focuses on having cheap product to sell in schools.

its a t8… its a a bad yoyo leave it on a toilet somewhere… let someone else deal with is.