Budget bi metal throws

Hey guys, I know a couple of budget Bi metals throws. Vosun Galsang, Zeekio Volt, Magic Yoyo Stealth and Magical. They are all around 37$. Here’s my questions. Do they compare to the more pricey throws in therm of performance? Wich one of those is the best according to you? Let me know if you know other yoyos in that price range. Here, I would like to see your experiences with the more pricey bi-metals in vs the cheaper ones.

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It depends on what you are looking for in a throw.

I’ve heard nothing about any of them, but that doesn’t mean much.

I can only talk about Magicyoyo Stealth as it’s the only one I’ve tried.
They should’ve sold it for more than $100, nuff said.

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I have both MagicYoYo stealth and Magical and love them both… Fast spin, not to heavy not light and stable as he’ll…
Great yoyo’s for the money :slight_smile: The MagicYoYo Katana should be great to

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Now that I think about it, I remember trying another Magicyoyo bimetal, it’s blue with splash, most likely it’s the Magical. The thing is, it doesn’t really leave an impression like the Stealth, but that’s just me.

Cool thanks guys. I was really curious. I’m not good enough to use a 100$ and more throw at it’s fair potential haha.

Do you think that the idea of using two kind of metal in those throw is well executed? Like, do the design of these makes them light but powerfull like an expansive bi metal? And I would really like a little review of the Vosun Galsang. Really curious about this one. Thanks!! :grin:

Take a look at my Instagram yoyo related account: Yoyouku