Spinning yoyo


I need a super long spinner that is good for advanced tricks and up. I can bind and I am in advanced. I’m just trying to find a good yoyo that can spin extremly good so the advanced tricks go much Easyer.

(PutridNebula) #2

if spin time is all that matters get the YYF Bhudda King 2, though I assure you if you have horrible spin times it is your throw that needs work, not your yoyo collection.

(Jamesofyoyo) #3

Just work on your throw. It is probably not the yoyo, it is probably you. Just work on your throw and practice practice practice! :wink:

(wrong section of the forums.)

(Hardcore_Max) #4

As stated before firstly this is in the wrong section, this is possible suited to the general section or the looking for help/recomendation sections. Secondly its not just the yoyo that gets you through the tricks you are attempting its you. What yoyo are you using? Are your throws 99.99% accurate? These are questions that we need to answer before we can proceed to answer you initial question.
Ohh and BTW what is the purpose of the poll???

(JonasK) #5

Just buy a yoyo. Most yoyos are made with advaced tricks in mind. Super long spins aren’t usually that rewarding. Metal-rimmed YYJ’s are good.


no yoyos are better than others, and I suggest you the protostar . If you like pretty big yoyos get a dark magic, if you are looking for a fast play I suggest you the speeder. If you are looking forward to regends and stalls get a X-convict or hitman. I could name so much. so just choose something like a yoyo jam metal rimmed yoyo that looks good to you.

wrong section by the way, it’s alright everybody does it in the beginning ;D


I love my tfl (two fat ladies yoyo) it feels great with a big spin time. Its a little loud but it has a crisp sound that i personally like even on a soft throw it seems its impossible to get a bad spin