spin time?

can u get a code1 to spin over 5 min with a reg 10 ball bearing?

Me? No, not yet. My throw isn’t that strong. But I bet soon I could! It will take a properly broken in bearing.

At the same time, I see little reason to have a yoyo spinning on the end of a string for the purposes of racking up a time. I’d rather use that time working on whatever trick I’m trying to perfect.

I did on my code 2 just for kicks. I was bored. stopwatched it at 7:26.perfect tension I guess but I did use my non throw hand to twist and untwist the string to keep the string off the side walls.

Having never held one I can confedently say yes I can. By your question I would guess you can’t. Its all in your throw you will be able to some day, but never while doing lots of 1A tricks. My 09’ severe with a bearing I have never cleaned, and only lubed can spin for over 7 min on a drop as long as I do the twisting technique.