Spin Dynamics Yo-Yo Snap Shot Contest!:

Hi Everyone!

If you could have your own trading card, what would the front of it look like? Would you be yo-yoing in a cool location? Would you be dressed to impress? What trick or pose would you do? By now everyone has seen at least some of the very many trading cards of yo-yo players that are in circulation today.

What we’re looking for you to do is this:

  • Submit a  photo of you doing your best trading card cover pose.

  • You can yo-yo anywhere, do any trick, wear any type of clothing, etc. This is your cover photo, so be creative.

-Post a link to your photo here on our facebook page.

-As far as judging criteria, we’re looking for:

-Location: It’s important for every photo to have a really neat backdrop to showcase your pose and trick.

-Timing: When doing a yo-yo trick, timing is very important. Same goes for taking a photo. Try and time your trick and pose just right so that youre showcasing the yo-yo and yourself in the coolest position possible. Whether it’s mid-trick, or mid jump, or you just finished your hardest showstopping bind return.

-Creativity and Uniqueness: Please don’t just yo-yo in front of your favorite wall in the house and call it a day. We’re looking for you to push yourself creatively. Come up with a location that looks neat and means something to you. Do you dare yo-yo where no one has yo-yoed before? Do your best trick, or your favorite trick, or just go for the coolest in motion shot. Whatever you can do to make this photo your own and convey who YOU are as a player, do it.

-Just NO PHOTOSHOP PLEASE! Cropping is fine, but no cut and paste and no visual enhancements. The whole point is for you to get out and be creative, not who’s the best editor.

  • Any Style of yo-yoing is acceptable


This contest will run until Saturday, July 7th. At that point, 5 winners will be announced. Each photo will be posted for 1 week as the Spin Dynamics timeline photo for our facebook page for everyone to see!

Also, each winner will receive a special gift in the mail from Spin Dynamics!

Have fun with this, please feel free to ask questions. Ready… Set… GO!

Do you have to have a spin dynamics yoyo?

No, any yo-yo can be used :slight_smile:

Can we only submit one photo?

i wish i could go sky diving right now…i would defenetley bring my yoyo…that would be awesome

Yes, just one photo per contestant please. And @Jansen, if you go skydiving with a yo-yo and get a good photo of it, that would probably give you a good shot at the top 5 :slight_smile:

Hey guys, just an update. I’ve received only one entry to this contest so far, with a few people saying they’ll be entering before the weekend. This means two things: First is that if you enter before the weekend, you have a great chance to be one of the winners. Second is that if I can’t name as many winners as I’d like when Saturday rolls around, I’ll extend the contest deadline for a bit. If you’ve got a good idea, show us by entering! This contest has the potential to be really fun, and think of it this way, at the very least you’ll have a really cool profile picture :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking!

Happy Weekend Everyone! I’ve received a few very creative entries for the Snapshot Contest so far, but I’m extending the deadline through July 25th just so everone who wanted to has a chance to enter. Remember, I’m picking 5 winners and the winners get something special in the mail from Spin Dynamics and will have their picture featured on Spin Dynamics’ timeline for a week! To see the entries so far, take a look at where others have posted on our facebook page.


The Spin Dynamics Snapshot Contest has officially ended. Over the past 3 weeks or so, I received over 30 entries! Each one brings something different to the table, and I’m really impressed with everyone’s yo-yo skills and photography skills. I hope everyone had a lot of fun, that was the main goal! I’ll be looking at all of the entries tonight and tomorrow morning and will announce the 5 lucky winners around noontime. Thanks!


SNAPSHOT CONTEST WINNERS: I’d like to preface this announcement by saying that this was a VERY tough contest to judge. Each photo had something unique, and really conveyed everyone’s individual personality and style. I deliberated until right before this post, that’s how many great entries there were. Now, let’s find out who won! (not listed in any specific order)

-Davis Steller
-Josh Yee
-Mack Finley
-Louis Le
-Christopher Bean

Congratulations to all of you, your photos were amazing! I will send a message to each one of you individually later today asking where to send your prizes!

I hope everyone had as much fun with this as I did! Getting so many entries from so many parts of the world is a testament to how tight-knit this community is, and I’m greatful to be able to do things like this with all of you.

SECOND PRIZE: In addition to receiving a custom microsuede yo-yo holster, each winner will receive an actual photo of their entry to display wherever they wish! Everyone, thank your photographers too, please! Some great work on their part helped these shots come to life. Thanks again to all who entered, now lets get these likes up in the 400’s so I can do this again!