Spin Dynamics TShirt Contest!!!


SPIN DYNAMICS T-SHIRT CONTEST: Good morning, friends! Thanks to all your hard work to help us get to 400 likes, it’s time for a contest! What we’d like to do is have everyone channel their inner designer and submit a creative design (front and back) for Spin Dynamics next T-shirt! The rules are as follows:

  1. Must include Spin Dynamics wordmark logo or a styled variation of it. I’ve added the word
    mark logo to the picture album “Tshirt Contest” on our facebook page which everyone is welcome to save and use.
  2. Must use a variation of the current color scheme (Black, any gray, and white).
  3. Must have a tag line. Our last shirt said “Engineering High-Quality Precision Yo-Yos in the USA” on the back neckline. Put your own spin on things and come up with our next tagline!
  4. Please post all entries here to our facebook page so that everyone can see.

This contest will run through November 17th.The winner receives a brand new Spin Dynamics T-shirt which they helped design, as well as a couple sets of our new response pads!

Designs will be voted on by the Spin Dynamics team.

*Note: For our final design, we may choose to use elements from a couple of different shirts, resulting in multiple winners. If this occurs, EACH person we used a design element from is a winner and will receive the above prizes!

Any questions feel free to ask. Thanks, and have fun!



Sounds like a sweet contest!!


Thanks, I’m hoping everyone has lots of fun with this :slight_smile:


Sounds like a good one man! Should be fun to follow this along!!


Still looking for more entries for this contest guys! The contest runs through November 17th, and YOU COULD BE A WINNER! Full details above. Please post entries to our facebook page.

Thanks! Lets see some entries!


Last day to post entries for the Spin Dynamics T-Shirt Contest! At midnight tonight the contest will officially end, and I’ll be choosing a winner or winners over the weekend. Get those last minute designs in, we only have a handful so far and YOU COULD BE A WINNER!


T-Shirt Contest Results!!: Thanks to everyone for your patience, this past weekend was very busy! After meeting with the team and carefully considering all of the great entries we received, I’m happy to name TWO winners, Dale Tubat and Mark Kapinos! We liked elements from both of these entries, and plans are in motion to make TWO different shirts using these elements. Congrats Dale and Mark! I’ll stay in touch regarding the printing of these and when I expect them to be ready, and each of you will receive a shirt FREE, along with a sample of Spin Dyanmics’ new response pads.

Thanks to everyone who entered, I hope everyone had fun with this and expect another contest at 500 likes