Spin Dynamics Monkey Fist

I just got a spin dynamics monkey fist yo-yo and I would recomend getting the dynamic edition because it’s easier to use and it has a little less rim weight. If you’re looking for a great advanced yo-yo get the monkey fist. It’s a little expensive but worth it and it has amazing grinds and stability, especially with the Dif-E- Yo koncave bearing. The dynamic edition is limited and there are only a few left in stock, so buy one now. Spin Dynamics yo-yo brand is destined* to be popular among advanced yo-yoers.

                          * The Yoyojam Destiny is a great pick for counterweight

Couldn’t agree more . It is a great shape and I love the size. And I am not saying that just because I know the owner of Spin Dynamics.Who by the way is a long time thrower and teacher of Yoing.He has the record for Ironwhips and should also have the record for getting knots out of strings for little kids also. Happy New Year everyone. God Bless .

Yeah, I heard that spin dynamics is making a new yoyo and they haven’t decided on a name yet. I even got to use the prototype. For the name I suggested dynamic squirrel but I’m not sure he’s going to name it that. So far it’s great, and it’s wide and shiny and amazing for suicides.

It’s called the Flow.